PDOYP Live: Elements of Writing Assessment

noun_33362_ccMONDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 2015

Secondary (grades 6-8) from 9:30AM-11AM

Elementary (grades 4 & 5) from 12:30PM-2PM

This hangout will focus on increasing understanding, sharing resources, and discussing instruction strategies regarding the 8th grade state writing assessment.

Support materials and resources will be available here prior to the date. Please download and have copies available for full participation.

Prior to the meeting, please submit questions via email to Josh.Flores@sde.ok.gov and contact your local Title I Videoconference Network host site for availability and registration.


276 kB2015 Writing Assessment onepager


Elements of Narrative

Also available in YouTube format.


This module was developed to (1) increase understanding of the expectations of the Narrative Mode for the 8th grade state Writing Assessment, (2) share instruction strategies for classroom use, and (3) connect with potential classroom resources.

After viewing the module, please provide answers to the reflection questions that follow in the comment boxes at the bottom of the web page:

  1. What strategy for teaching writing has been most successful for your students?
  2. Which narratives are taught in your school’s curriculum?
  3. What questions do you still have about the Narrative Mode as it pertains to the 8th grade state Writing Assessment?



Repeated Reading


Also available via YouTube.

This PD On Your Plan module highlights another awesome Oklahoma teacher: Ms. Kathy Prosser of Jefferson Middle School!

In this module, Ms. Prosser facilitates the learning while students track their personal growth in reading fluency and comprehension. As they take turns reading a text aloud, they track their speed and mark for any mistakes or confusion while reading. Students also compose questions about the text.

As you watch, consider the following:

  1. What ideas are you having or what are your three main takeaways after watching?
  2. What reading strategies have been successful in your classroom?
  3. What strategies do you want to implement and would you modify for your classroom?

Post your responses in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


194 kBRepeated Reading Directions PDF 263 kBFluency-Progress Tracker 72 kBLevel Questions handout PDF