11 Jul

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom



Reflect and respond to the following questions in the discussion box at the bottom of the page.

  1. What was effective about Kelly’s instruction?
  2. What can you takeaway and implement in your classroom?


After watching and reflecting on the instructional practices, listen to this follow-up interview between Susie Popplewell, Ph. D. and Kelly Forbes, M. Ed..


07 Jul


By popular request, below are the side-by-side comparisons between the Priority Academic Student Skills standards (PASS) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts. They were removed from the state department website because they caused more confusion than clarification. With that in mind, it isn’t a recommended tool. However, requests state that the documents could be helpful when determining how to match CCSS-aligned materials back to PASS standards.

So, by popular demand, below are the original side-by-side files. Please note that the Side-by-Side Comparisons provided below are not perfect and should be viewed and interpreted critically. Local districts should complete their own analysis using these only as guidance.

The original documents included a Level of Agreement column that distinguished mapped standards as (1) Weak, (2) Good, and (3) Excellent.

738 kBOK – ELA By CCSS 858 kBOK – ELA By State

These ratings were not included in the documents provided here, which means many of the standards that are matched may not actually have a good or strong match.

English Language Arts (Completed 2012)

03 Jul

2014 Oklahoma Writing Guide

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.52.54 AMThis guide is designed with the intent of addressing essential aspects of effective writing instruction and providing practical support for classrooms. It is a collaborative effort initiated by educators from Lawton Public Schools and is supported by like-minded Oklahoma teachers across the state.

It compiles what Oklahoma teachers consider useful resources, tools, and information with original content generated by Oklahoma teachers.

As interest and participation increases and new research is presented, this guide will be updated to reflect this growth. If you have suggestions, comments, or would like to submit an original lesson idea, please post in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Happy teaching!

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