On Writing Organization

FORMATS: YouTube | Vimeo (Coming Soon)

Today’s session focuses on a practical way of teaching students how to organize their writing by exposing them to models and how to track their progress.


  1. strategies for teaching writing organization
  2. how to track student writing using technology
  3. research supporting best writing practices


40 kBBest Writing Practices research by George Hillocks

1 MB5th Grade Organization Exemplar Puzzle Pieces PDF 1,003 kB8th Grade Organization Exemplar Puzzle Pieces


  1. How does your school/department track students’ writing progress?
  2. What strategies can or do you practice with Evernote in the classroom?

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Professional Development: Next Steps Survey

The State Department of Education, in collaboration with the University of Central Oklahoma, is seeking input from educators on professional development content and formats that support teachers in their work with students.  We invite you to share your thoughts on a short 10-minute survey that will help OSDE develop and refine professional development opportunities available to all educators.   You may access the survey at this link:


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Guide to Webinars


This guide was developed with the intention of connecting educators to professional development/webinar recordings that provide resources on ELA strategies, curriculum, instructional materials, student engagement, and classroom management tools.

Webinars are a great tool to inform educators about key issues in a format that is conducive to asynchronous learning. It is recommended that teachers sign up with the companies to receive up-to-date emails and schedules of webinars. Even if you are unable to attend at the given time, webinars usually send a link with the recording for later viewing. The following links provide access to the companies and past recordings.

If you know of other high quality support tools and resources, please share in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

I. PD On Your Plan!PDOYP Logo jpg
II. LearnZillion
edweb-free-webinar_160pxIII. EdWeb

Some content-specific ones for CCSS include:

  1. CCSS Standard 1- Inferences
  2. CCSS Standard 6- Point of View
  3. CCSS Standard 7- Diverse Media
  4. CCSS Standard 8- Argument & Claims
  5. Student Writing: Best Practices & Expectations
  6. Student Reading: Text Types
  7. Text Complexity
  8. Exploring Depth of Knowledge 3


Marzano research labIV. Marzano Research Laboratory

Enhance your learning. Dr. Marzano and MRL associates offer free webinars on a regular basis as a service to the educational community. Explore recorded webinars on a variety of topics.

V. EngageNYengageny_logo_color

The video library is an innovative and differentiated resource that brings the Common Core instructional shifts, teacher and leadership evaluation, and data driven instruction to life. Videos range in length from short 5 minute clips to longer views of lessons up to 40 minutes.


  1. Making a Claim Using Two-Texts
  2. Cite Evidence from Informational Text
SchoolImprovementNetworkLogoVI. School Improvement Network

If you would like to receive more information about upcoming School Improvement Network webinars, please sign up for the webinar mailing list.

VII. CommonCore.comcommoncorecom logo

Common Core experts describe and explain each of the ELA/Literacy requirements and discover ways in which they can be learned and implemented in your classroom.

teaching channelVIII. Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a video showcase of innovation and effective teaching practices in America’s schools.

IX. Oklahoma Education AssociationOEA

Contains Webinar recordings for Targeted Skill Session.

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