Facebook Follow-Up #1

Facebook Follow-Up 1Not a social media fanatic? Are you a devote luddite? No problem. Check out some of the best collaborations happening on Facebook wit this handy one-pager!

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149 kBFacebook Follow-Up 1: Grammar


The Combellick Grammar Guide

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.15.49 PMThese materials have been compiled to support ELA teachers in the area of grammar instruction. Many secondary teachers have voiced concerns that students begin grammar in elementary school but then do not revisit it until the ACT/SAT test comes around. The occasional worksheet or DOL as bell work has been the ‘go to’ for elementary and secondary teachers alike. These materials are designed to help you create integrated grammar instruction that is functional and supportive of writing and reading instruction.

We have all seen the many grammar books boasting 150 WORKSHEETS or 5000 PAGES of FUN. This is not either of those.Read more

PASS Vertical Progression Guide

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.48.42 PMThe Standards Vertical Progression Guide was developed with the intention to highlight the academic skills expectations contained in the Priority Academic Student Skills standards between eighth and tenth grade.

It is recommended to utilize this guide as a catalyst for discussion between educators – grades 10 through 12 – and help to inform department, school, and/or district plans for effective instruction.

The following pages contain the PASS standards and sub-standards for grades 10, 11, and 12. They are presented in a side-by-side format for the intended purpose to compare PASS expectations between grade levels.

Differences between comparable standards and sub-standards between grades 10 and 11 are highlighted in blue print.

Differences between comparable standards and sub-standards between grades 11 and 12 are highlighted in green print.

Note that some standards are identical between grade levels and have been merged into a shared space to depict this uniformity. 

Also note that some standards are identical or comparable, but do not share the same numerical classifications. In order to continue the goal of representing the standards in a vertical progression, some standards may appear out of numerical order.

CLICK HERE for a vertical overview of grades 5-8!

592 kB8-10 Vertical Progression Guide 586 kB10-12 Vertical Progression Guide

7 Online Collaboration Tools ELA Teachers Need

I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with dedicated and professional educators from across the state of Oklahoma at the July 2014 ELAOK Summer Convening last week. These teachers brought decades of pedagogical experience to the table, where we worked together to create resources for new teachers, and teachers new to the changes being made in education today.

To facilitate our work, our fearless leader, Mr. Josh Flores, also known as the SDE Director of Secondary Language Arts, introduced us to several technologies, including Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive.

As a former web design and hosting company owner, I had already been using many of these tools for months, if not years. So I had the opportunity to help a couple of my fellow middle school teachers setup their accounts and begin using those tools to collaborate on projects we’ll be sharing with all of you. Even better, the collaboration continues!

You can read the post on my blog about how we used these tools for educational collaboration and how they can help you as you prepare for the rapidly approaching school year.