Repeated Reading


Also available via YouTube.

This PD On Your Plan module highlights another awesome Oklahoma teacher: Ms. Kathy Prosser of Jefferson Middle School!

In this module, Ms. Prosser facilitates the learning while students track their personal growth in reading fluency and comprehension. As they take turns reading a text aloud, they track their speed and mark for any mistakes or confusion while reading. Students also compose questions about the text.

As you watch, consider the following:

  1. What ideas are you having or what are your three main takeaways after watching?
  2. What reading strategies have been successful in your classroom?
  3. What strategies do you want to implement and would you modify for your classroom?

Post your responses in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


194 kBRepeated Reading Directions PDF 263 kBFluency-Progress Tracker 72 kBLevel Questions handout PDF


PASS Standards Vertical Progression Guides

ELAOK icon logo see thruWith the help of Oklahoma educators, we’ve developed side-by-side representations of the PASS standards for English language arts to assist with districts’ efforts for vertical alignment and coherent curriculum development. Vertical aligning district curriculum can maximize classroom learning by focusing on the most essential skills students need to master year to year (as determined by local educators) and distributing academic goals amongst grade levels.


2 MBPASS Vertical Alignment Guide – Grades 5-8 REG LAND 592 kB8-10 Vertical Progression Guide 586 kB10-12 Vertical Progression Guide


OCTE Annual Young Writer’s Contest

octe young writers 2015Please consider entering your students in the Young Writer’s Contest (CLICK HERE to download the  flyer and instructions).

It costs nothing and gives students a chance to write for a real audience and to receive state recognition.  

New categories this year: comics and blogs!

For more information, visit

  • Teachers may enter up to 10 manuscripts.
  • Entries should be typed and single spaced.
  • Teachers fill out the linked form for each submission: CLICK HERE to submit  student work!
  • Email submissions to

Culver’ Connections: Going Beyond Annotations

Also available via YouTube.

This PD On Your Plan module highlights another awesome Oklahoma teacher: Mr. Chris Culver of Centennial High School!

In this module, Mr. Culver demonstrates how to teach reasoning using annotation strategies with complex texts and deepen students’ comprehension by making connections to the self, other texts, the world, and other media.

As you watch, consider how you would adapt this instructional practice for your students, then pause and share the idea by (a) posting in the comment box at the bottom of the page or (b) use the Twitter hashtags – #CulverRocks and #ELAOK. Don’t keep those creative ideas all to yourself!


513 kBCulver Connections Guide 332 kBCulver’ Annotation Guide


Mr Culver uses an article from Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week. You can access it and other great articles at