Standards-aligned At-A-Glance Template

The following document was developed by Ginger Howe of Moore PS. It is intended to provide guidance for aligning current materials and supporting teachers to develop new units aligned to all eight standards of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts. Please download the template and samples below.


197 kBHowe-Meiller Unit at a Glance Template 926 kBGrade 3, Unit 3, Week 2 Sample 926 kBGrade 6, Unit 3

ELA Standards: Printer-Friendly, Grade-Level Format

noun_printer_132778It is always preferable to have a copy of the vertically- aligned edition of the ELA standards. However, it may be more economical to work with grade-level documents.

Access all the documents via this shared Google Drive folder or CLICK HERE to Download in WORD DOCX Format via the community Google Drive Folder. Download in PDF format below [or access via the community Google Drive Folder].

113 KBPre-Kindergarten ELA Standards 160 KBKindergarten ELA Standards 161 KB1st Grade ELA Standards 153 KB2nd grade ELA standards 158 kB3rd Grade ELA Standards 152 KB4th Grade ELA Standards 141 KB5th-grade-ela-standards 150 kB6th Grade ELA Standards 143 kB7th Grade ELA Standards 149 kB8th Grade ELA Standards 151 kB9th Grade ELA Standards 150 kB10th Grade ELA Standards 290 KB11th Grade ELA Standards 158 KB12th Grade ELA Standards

Curriculum Maps & Pacing Guides Community Project

noun_map_47766The following link will connect to a shared Google Drive folder allowing you to submit and view curriculum maps and pacing guides aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts and developed by Oklahoma teachers. They are intended to serve as examples and guidance tools for districts to develop strategic plans for implementing the standards.

A curriculum map is a destination. The paths you take to get there are up to the teacher.

Curriculum maps show the terrain and points of interest to the casual traveler. There are roadways or standards to use to get there, some being more expedient than others. You can take along snacks, travel on foot, or take a train.

Where do you want to go and how do you want to get there?

CLICK HERE to open the shared Google Drive folder!



Oklahoma’s PASS Standards

The following academic standards are provided here as a reference. The current Oklahoma ELA standards can be found here. The new ELA standards were officially approved on March 28th, 2016.

Oklahoma Priority Academics Student Skills (PASS) for English language arts

The following are modified formats of the PASS standards. The content/standards are still the same, but have been reformatted to assist teachers new to the PASS standards.

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