ELAOK Read Club #1

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UPDATED with a sign-up form (not required for participation).

Welcome to the pilot edition of the ELAOK Read Club!

This program has three intended takeaways:

  1. to stay connected with Oklahoma educators over the Summer,
  2. to continue learning and growing via book discussions,
  3. to have a lot of fun!

First, you might be asking yourself, “Why ‘Read Club’ and why not ‘Book Club’?” The simple answer is, semantics. Book club is too limiting. Maybe a future member of our group wants to suggest a particularly great article from NCTE, IRA, or other reputable publications. I’ve shared one-pagers of favorite blog posts, but I can learn more by eliciting discourse about what I read.

If you need more motivation or persuasion, read the article that inspired me: Want to Be a Great Leader? Start Reading by John Coleman. As educators, we’re all in leadership positions and most of us are already voracious readers.

So, won’t you engage in the discourse with me?

It’s not necessary to formally sign-up. Everyone is welcome to participate in whatever manner they choose. However, for purposes of tracking interest and potential growth, click the banner below to sign-up, nominate the next book, and/or offer discussion questions.


As a first choice, I’ve nominated the latest book by Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle Is The Way. I’m reading the Kindle edition, but there’s no shame in getting the audiobook! Find a copy at your local book store or follow the links below:

I’ve committed to having it complete within three weeks (that sets the deadline to finish on May 31st, 2014).


At the end of the three weeks, respond to the following discourse questions in the discussion box at the bottom of the page:

  1. What are the three most important takeaways from this book?
  2. Which quote or excerpt makes the most impact on your daily rituals (as a person and educator)?
  3. Why?


As this idea is still in beta testing stages, everything is open for tweaking. Participants can use the forum below to suggest future reads. If the first book doesn’t inspire you, suggest something that has impacted you to be a better person and teacher. Other suggestions? Post ideas and thoughts below.