Curriculum Frameworks

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The Oklahoma Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts are intended to be models of instruction aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Each framework was developed by Oklahoma educators with the intention of increasing understanding of the English Language Arts standards by providing a fluid template for curriculum design and planning instruction.

A special thanks to our friends at the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma for donating beautiful and flexible workspace for our twenty-seven Oklahoma teachers to convene and tap into scholarly creativity while researching and developing the frameworks during the 2016 Summer.

544 KBCurriculum Framework Blank Template 403 KBAlternative Standards-aligned Planning Templates 1 MBGeneral Routines for OAS-aligned Instruction 785 KBPlanning for Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction 2 MB2nd Grade – Keep Calm and be a Good Citizen 4 MB4th Grade – Students’ Social Contract 2 MB5th Grade – Lets Start with the Preamble 326 KB6th Grade – Terrific Text Features and Rocking References 587 KB7th Grade – Pack of Poetry 474 KB8th Grade – That’s Irony 2 MB10th Grade – Moody Memes 732 KB12th Grade – An Oklahoma Renaissance

Alpha Drafts

Direct links to alpha drafts (via Google Docs) are provided below:

General Routines for Teaching Aligned to OAS: PDF | Google Doc []

Pre-Kindergarten | Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 3

Grade 9 | Grade 11 | Grade 12-A Grade 12-C

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Each file has the option to allow viewers to “Make a copy.” Copy work into your personal Google Drive account and use as you wish. The option is under the “File” tab as seen below. Please consider submitting work to share with the ELAOK Community. Work can be submitted to

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During the 2016 Summer, twenty-seven Oklahoma ELA educators developed Curriculum Frameworks aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.44.30 AMCurriculum Frameworks are models of instruction intended increase understanding of the English Language Arts standards by providing a fluid template for curriculum design and planning instruction. Alpha drafts were introduced during the 2016 EngageOK road conference.

All drafts can be accessed and downloaded via the community Google Drive folder: ELA Curriculum Frameworks Alpha Drafts. Drafts are in working formats and feedback from Oklahoma educators is appreciated.