Keep Calm and Be a Good Citizen Model Curriculum Framework

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Unit Focus: Informational Texts, Main Idea and Supporting Details

The following is adapted from the Understanding by Design Framework. The original framework is also available in Google Docs format.

This Curriculum framework is designed to serve as a resource to use for instruction and support future lessons and units aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts.

This unit includes unit design, lesson plans, online links, supplemental resources, and cross-curricular references. In using this unit, it is important to consider the variability of learners in your class and make adaptations or differentiate as necessary.

Lesson 1  (day 1 & 2)

Introduction to Main Idea and supporting details. Explain the focus of the unit: locating the main idea and supporting details of a text/presentation. Students listen to a story and watch/assist as the teacher models pulling out the main idea and details onto a graphic organizer. Students then create a presentation identifying the main idea and details.

Lesson 2 (day 3 & 4)

After listening to, and reading, multiple texts, and a variety of media, students will identify one text (source) to co-construct a graffiti chart (identifying explaining the main idea and details) with support from the teacher. Students will read and review the Preamble, discuss key vocabulary words, and identify the main idea and supporting details.   Students will create a class constitution in differentiated small groups to compare and contrast.    The lesson will close with a quick write “ticket out” activity to check for student understanding. 

Lesson 3  (day 5)

Students will brainstorm and list the classroom duties of a second grader. After listening to, City Green by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan students will identify the main idea and key details.  Students will brainstorm the qualities of a good citizen. Students will identify and list characteristics of responsible citizens and discuss why they are desirable qualities. In small groups, students will share ways they can demonstrate responsible citizenship in their neighborhood, school, state, nation, and the world.  The lesson will close with a quick write “ticket out” activity to check for student understanding.

Stage 1: Desired Results – identify learning targets
The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts bundled in this unit provide a structure to teach several standards at once to support the natural overlapping complexities of literacy. 
Standard 1: Speaking and Listening* Standard 3: Critical Reading and Writing


Actively listen and speak using appropriate discussion rules.


Locate facts that are clearly stated in a text.


Report on a topic or text, tell a story or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking audibly in coherent sentences.



Students will write facts about a subject and include a main idea with supporting details.

Standard 2: Reading and Writing Process Standard 4: Vocabulary


Locate the main idea and supporting details of a text.


Use word parts (e.g., affixes, roots, stems) to define and determine the meaning of new words.


Begin to compare and contrast details (e.g., plots or events, settings, and characters) to discriminate genres.


Select appropriate language according to purpose in writing.


Begin to summarize events or plots (i.e., beginning, middle, end, and conflict) of a story or text. Standard 5: Language


Recognize nouns, pronouns, and irregular plural nouns.


Compose grammatically correct simple and compound declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences with appropriate end marks.
Standard 6: Research Standard 8: Independent Reading and Writing*


Create their own questions to find information on their topic.


Select appropriate texts for academic and personal purposes and read independently for extended periods of time.


Generate a list of topics of interest and individual questions about one specific topic of interest.


Write independently over extended periods of time (e.g., time for reflection and revision) and for shorter timeframes (e.g., a single sitting or a day or two).
Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies*


Explain how ideas and topics are depicted in a variety of media and formats.


Create a simple presentation using audio, visual, and/or multimedia tools to support communication and clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

*Skills will be taught during this unit and throughout the year, timing of instruction and assessment is dependent upon local scope and sequence.


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