Moving Beyond Texts lessons

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In this time of transition, we have created lessons for teachers grades 5-12 that focus on moving beyond texts to foster interactive student learning. These lessons are adaptable for all teachers to use in their classrooms. We have based the lessons on NMSI’s (National Math and Science Institute) lessons “Moving Beyond Text”. This program focuses on integrating visual, literary, informational, and electronic sources in lessons for the ELA classroom. We have produced these sample lessons in hopes that ELA teachers around the state will use these models and develop even better ideas to share with others here on the ELAOKTeachers site.

Please feel free to look at these materials and choose what would be most helpful for your classroom. These lessons are intended to be a foundation for amazing lessons and units for teacher use, were created  in order to ensure our students are provided with ‘rigorous’ materials. Feel free to edit or adapt these lessons for your classroom and share your experiences and concerns with us. We will use this feedback to create future plans and materials for teachers to use.

In future convenings, we strongly believe that adaptable lessons and resources will be needed to encourage ELA teachers around the state to be confident in their abilities and to grow as teachers. We are all available for support; please feel free to email or contact any of us if you are in need of resources, ideas, or a kind word.


Melissa McGaughy- Yarbrough Public School | Evelyn Cantrell- Grandview Public Schools | Kathy Williams- Broken Arrow Public Schools | Janice Brim- Moore Public Schools | Mindy Foutch- Morris Public Schools | Amber Combellick- Dove and Discovery Public Charter Schools


The following lessons are shared via Google Drive. You should not need a Google account to access and download.