Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary List

The following resources were developed by the teachers of the 2013 Summer Convening. After critically analyzing the Building Academic Vocabulary list (as seen on the Oklahoma State Department Website), Summer Convening participants from the July session determined the need to update the vocabulary list to align with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (fully implemented in the 2014-2015 school year).

869 kBOklahoma Academic Vocabulary List PreK-12

2013 Oklahoma Summer Convening

Volunteering their summer time, Oklahoma teachers collaborated on the following documents, focusing on necessary tools and resources that support the successful implementation of the upcoming Oklahoma C3 Academic Standards in English Language Arts. They are first drafts and only suggested resources for districts to adopt and/or modify.

Documents are temporarily shared via DropBox and Google Drive. If you have issues accessing them, your district may have DropBox or Google Drive blocked on the school server. You do not need to have a DropBox or Google Drive account (although it is free and fantastic), but if interested…

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Oklahoma teachers reconvened in July to finalize and/or develop more tools and resources to support Oklahoma school districts. Final drafts and tutorial videos are currently in development.

Elementary Curriculum Maps (Grades K-5) – includes a resource and tools list to support Elementary English Language Arts.

Resources and Tools Spreadsheet – Oklahoma teacher approved online resources for implementation and instructional use. Includes iOS apps. Also, they’re free!

Year-at-a-Glance Overviews (Grades 6-12) – four progressive bundles that provide suggested guidance to unravel the ELA standards over the course of a school year.

Oklahoma C3 Academic Standards Checklists (Grades 6-12) – includes Special Ed Access document for Common Core State Standards support.

Grant Resources – various grant opportunities and guidance.

Cross-Curricular Resources – providing guidance for teaching and grading writing and incorporating literacy in subject areas other than English Language Arts classes.

Elementary ELA Resources – a downloadable guide of sites for classroom use.

Special Ed Resources – guidance for teaching OAS/CCSS in special ed classrooms.

Special thanks to the proofreader, Jennifer Williams!