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noun_mobile-headphones_432492Three Ways to Subscribe to the ELAOK Podcast On Your Plan

This project intends to explore excellent Oklahoma educators and their teaching practices to encourage self-reflection on our own teaching. Listen and learn practical strategies from Oklahoma leaders in education and I might be coming to interview you next! CLICK HERE to view all posted episodes or use the links below to view via iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

Recommendations for Professional Development (PD) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Episodes are great to listen to and then use to lead discussion as part of your PD or PLC events. Think of it as pre-reading in the form of an audiobook, but more personal. Listen to the education leaders on the podcast and bring three takeaways that affirmed, challenged, or changed your view on teaching. Use your takeaways to lead discussion during PD and PLC meetings.

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