The Students’ Social Contract Model Curriculum Framework

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Students will write a social contract for their classroom after reading the story Roxaboxan and after evaluating several different presentations of school rules. Students will collaborate in small groups to contribute ideas to the social contract and then create a multimodal presentation of the contract.

Stage 1: Desired Results – identify learning targets
The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts bundled in this unit provide a structure to teach several standards at once to support the natural overlapping complexities of literacy. 
Standard 1: Speaking and Listening Standard 2: Reading Foundations


Students will actively listen and speak clearly using appropriate discussion rules.


Students will use their combined knowledge of letter-sound correspondences, syllable patterns, morphology and semantics to accurately read unfamiliar words, including multisyllabic words.


Students will ask and answer questions to seek help, get information, or clarify information presented orally through text or other media to confirm understanding.


Students will engage in collaborative discussions about appropriate topics and texts, expressing their own ideas clearly while building on the ideas of others in pairs, diverse groups,and whole class settings.


Students will work effectively and respectfully within diverse groups, share responsibility for collaborative work, and value individual contributions made by each group member.
Standard 3: Critical Reading and Writing Standard 4: Vocabulary


Students will ask and answer inferential questions using the text to support answers.

4.4 .R.1

Students will increase knowledge of academic, domain-appropriate, grade-level vocabulary to infer meaning of grade-level text.


Students will express an opinion about a topic and provide fact-based reasons as support.


Students will use domain-appropriate vocabulary to communicate ideas in writing.
Standard 5: Language Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies


Students will compose declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.


Students will create multimodal content that effectively communicates an idea using technology or appropriate media.