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In this time of transition, we have created lessons for teachers grades 5-12 that focus on moving beyond texts to foster interactive student learning. These lessons are adaptable for all teachers to use in their classrooms. We have based the lessons on NMSI’s (National Math and Science Institute) lessons “Moving Beyond Text”. This program focuses on integrating visual, literary, informational, and electronic sources in lessons for the ELA classroom. We have produced these sample lessons in hopes that ELA teachers around the state will use these models and develop even better ideas to share with others here on the ELAOKTeachers site.

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Teaching “A Letter to America”


Teaching A Letter To America Plot Diagram


The following lesson was developed and is taught by Jennifer Williams (@JennWillTeach) of Sperry Public Schools. This is a short-term group project intended for grades 9-12. The full project aligns with Oklahoma Academic Standards for Reading Informational Texts, Writing, Language, and Speaking & Listening.

It will require copies of A Letter to America by David Boren.

Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for sharing your work!

Download full lesson details below:

406 kBA Letter to America Boren Assign by Jenn Williams

Literacy & Writing Resources for Science, Social Studies/History, and Technical Subjects

To all School Faculty and Staff:

During the Oklahoma Summer Convening, our group of teachers collaborated and came up with several different ways to help with cross curricular alignment and curriculum mapping.   Our productions included:

These are not final copies.  It is in the drafting process; however, these are tools that we want to share with you with the understanding that there may be errors and changes may need to be made over the next couple of years as we move from PASS to Oklahoma Academic Standards/Common Core State Standards for ELA and Mathematics.

We would like to retain our rights as authors; however, we do want you to use these as samples and guides for a better understanding of how the common core standards can be applied and how they can easily be viewed for vertical alignment in ELA 6-12 grades.

Thank you.


-Rebecca Bolding, Michelle Hall, Michelle Knight, Heather Samis, and Jennifer Williams

43 kBWriting Progression Chart for Cross-Curricular Teams

43 kBGeneral Writing Rubric – Literacy in Science, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects

27 kBCross Curricular Lesson Planning Template

49 kBLiteracy Lesson Starters for Science, Math, and Social Studies

Oklahoma Academic Standards in ELA for Grades 9-12

The following documents provide versions of the Common Core State Standards for ELA condensed to a single grade level (ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade). The original draft (available by clicking here) contains an excellent view of the standards as they progress by grade level. There is absolutely a benefit to knowing the expectations for students prior to and after your grade level.

The Standards use two-year bands in grades 9–12 to allow schools, districts, and states flexibility in high school course design.

This document is meant to present the standards for ELA in a focused and easy to read format.

As always, your feedback is appreciated!

556 kB9th-10th Grade OAS for ELA 536 kB11th-12th Grade OAS for ELA