Curriculum Year-At-A-Glance Guides for Grades 6-12

6th Grade Year-A- A-Glance
6th Grade Year-A- A-Glance

To all School Faculty and Staff:

During the ELAOK Summer Convening, our group of teachers collaborated and came up with several different ways to help with curriculum alignment and curriculum mapping.   Our productions included the OAS Year-At-A-Glance for 6-12 grades.  These are not final copies.  It is in the drafting process; however, these are tools that we want to share with you with the understanding that there may be errors and changes may need to be made over the next couple of years as we move from PASS to Oklahoma Academic Standards/Common Core State Standards.

We would like to retain our rights as authors; however, we do want you to use these as samples and guides for a better understanding of how the common core standards can be applied and how they can easily be viewed for vertical alignment in ELA 6-12 grades.

Thank you,

Rebecca Bolding

Michelle Hall

Michelle Knight

Heather Samis

Jennifer Williams

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