Podcast On Your Plan ep 44 with Dr. Gregg Garn

Dr Dean Gregg GarnDr. Gregg Garn is the Dean of the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at the University of Oklahoma. Podcasting with Dr. Garn was a big deal for me. I look up to him and consider him an ideal education leader. I hope you enjoy this episode and reflect on your strengths as an education leader as well.

Dr. Garn can be found on Twitter at twitter mini@DeanGarn.

Also in this episode, I relay some bad news about a lost interview from the 2016 iPadpalooza conference. It happened! I have visual proof (see below), just not audio. Anyways, it crushes me but you should still check out the infamous Justin Bell at twitter mini@jabellpepper and his website jabellpepper.weebly.com unless you hate awesome things. Then you’ll want to avoid Justin at all cost.

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Visual Proof of the Lost iPadpalooza Tapes





Implementation Tools for Special Education

Tutorial: YouTube | Vimeo

Dear Fellow Teachers,

We have included two documents:  [1] The Lesson Plan Template and [2] The Special Education Access to CCSS to guide those of you who teach in the Special Education field.  The documents were created to assist you in the shift to Oklahoma Academic Standards with Common Core State Standards by sharing a few ideas to start incorporating the standards in your classrooms.  The Lesson Plan Template is aligned with the new teacher evaluation system and can assist in proving components of the TLE or other teacher evaluation systems that might be employed.  We appreciate and respect what you do.  We hope that these resources will be beneficial to you in your classroom.   

The creators of these forms are:  (1) Sarah Crichley, Sophomore English teacher at Southmoore High School in Moore, OK; (2) Rhonda Richardson, 9th-10th Language Arts teacher at Calera ISD in Calera, OK; (3) Dawn Patillo, Special Education English and Math at Chandler Junior High in Chandler, OK; (4) Ron Glenn, 8th-12th English teacher at Tyrone High School in Tyrone, OK; and (5) Sabrina Shirley, Sophomore English teacher at Locust Grove High School in Locust Grove, OK.  We are excited about the Common Core State Standards, and we hope these tools help you to become more excited about it, too.

Happy Teaching,

Dawn Patillo | Sabrina Shirley | Sarah Crichley | Rhonda Richardson | Ron Glenn

The Lesson Plan Template:

32 kBSpecial Ed Lesson Template PDF4 kBDownloadable Spec Ed Lesson Template

The Special Education Access Guide:

194 kBSpecial Ed Access Guide to OAS-CCSS

Common Core State Standards Initiative’s Application to Students with Disabilities memo: from corestandards.org

67 kBapplication-to-students-with-disabilities