Keep Calm and Be a Good Citizen Model Curriculum Framework

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Additional third party resources and tools are included as active links throughout the interactive PDF document. All resources are suggestions and should be reviewed prior to use. You can create your own Curriculum Framework using the blank template available by clicking here! Check out all the Curriculum Frameworks by clicking here!

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Audio Overview starring Megan Tighe

  Developed by twitter miniMegan Tighe and twitter miniJessika Hill!

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Using Textual Evidence in Constructed Responses

reac3h coaches


The following document provides excellent tips and examples to consider when using evidence from texts to support your claims.The handout is two pages and formatted to take cost into consideration if you choose to provide a copy for your students.

A big thanks to REAC3H Coach, Amy Walls, for developing this resource!

75 kBUsing Textual Evidence in Constructed Responses by Amy Walls v2

PDOYP Let’s Talk Writing! Session 3

Today’s session focuses on three techniques for citing evidence. Links to all materials used or referenced are included below.


  1. Stance
  2. Citation
  3. Resources


[Session 3 Prezi]
[Online Writing Lab at Purdue]
[Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week] – Why being a thinker means pocketing your smartphone
[] – Kids are spending way too much time online, doctors group warns

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454 kBManual for Session 3 176 kBHow to Win an Argument

How to Win an Argument

PDOYP Let’s Talk Writing! session 2

Today’s session is a continuation of Let’s Talk Writing! session 1It focuses on evidence to use in writing and emphasizes inferencing skills. Links to presentation materials (an Evernote-book, a Prezi, and downloadable handout), are available below. Your feedback is always appreciated as we improve this project. Please post comments in the box at the bottom of the page.


  1. Recap
  2. Evidence
  3. Resources


[Evernote notebook of Instructional Practices link]

[Session 2 Prezi available here.]

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501 kBManual for Session 2