Podcast On Your Plan episode 10 #OKLAED Edition with Shawn Sheehan

TLM_5x7_ARTShawn Sheehan (SpecialEd Math teacher, OKMATH Leader, Teach Like Me creator, 2016 Teacher of the Year Finalist, and DJ) joins the podcast to discuss stewardship through the Teach Like Me project –  an effort to promote education as a viable and fulfilling career choice. As an added bonus, we are recording during a regular Sunday night #OKLAED chat.

Listen as we discuss #OKLAED chats, Teach Like Me, and more insights from a true leader in Oklahoma education!

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ELAOK Read Club #2

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by Dave Burgess51c7vKRzfFL

The second book for our Read Club was chosen by teachers. If you would like to view the first book for the Read Club, CLICK HERE. Sign-up (optional) by clicking the banner above or just start reading and then post what you perceive as the three most important practical applications to teaching in the discussion box at the bottom of the page.


In three weeks (6.23.14) or less, I hope to see your three most essential takeaways and questions in the discussion box below. You can also reply to other participant’s posts, ask questions, and link or suggest complimentary reads or articles! I look forward to learning with you!

If you prefer to read with a coffee shop ambiance, visit Coffitivity.com or let’s meet for a cup!