Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies Short

Mo • dal • i • ty

n. | a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed


Standard 7: Multimodal Literacies

Students will acquire, refine, and share knowledge through a variety of written, oral, visual, digital, non-verbal, and interactive texts.


Students will evaluate written, oral, visual, and digital texts in order to draw conclusions and analyze arguments.


Students will create multimodal texts to communicate knowledge and develop arguments.

Dr. Hill’s Favorite Multimodal Literacy Resources

Podcast On Your Plan ep 35 with Dr. Kajder and Dr. Gerber

Dr Sara Kajder and Dr Hannah GerberFirst, a big SHOUT OUT and an enormous THANK YOU to our friends at Oklahoma State University (notably Dr. Shelbie Witte) for introducing me to Dr. Hannah Gerber, University of Georgia, and Dr. Sara Kajder, Sam Houston State University. Dr. Gerber and Dr. Kajder were amazing keynote speakers at OSU’s 21st Century Literacies Lecture Series. Each had an incredible amount of knowledge and enthusiasm to share about digital literacies. My aim was to tap into their collective knowledge base for multimodal literacies guidance.

Multimodal literacies is a new aspect of the Oklahoma  Academic Standards for English Language Arts. With Dr. Kajder’s research on adolescent literacy identities, digital tools, and social media, and Dr. Gerber’s research on the ecologies and pedagogies afforded through video-gaming practices, I was sure to walk away with some new ideas. I hope you enjoy this episode and also level-up some ideas of your own for incorporating multimodal literacies into daily practice.

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Learn more about the Initiative for 21st Century Literacies Research by clicking here!

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