Podcast On Your Plan episode 54 with Anne Beck

You’re going to love Anne Beck! In this episode, we debrief after a day of working with preservice teachers at the University of Oklahoma College of Education. After some insight about PD and reflecting on the responses from the preservice teachers, we discuss favorite PD moments at EdCamp and iPadpalooza. Of course, this leads us down a discussion about the future teachers, how to implement technology in a meaningful way, tenure probs, realizations from flipping classrooms, TEACHING TO THE TEST (!), how to manage emails, and 90’s music.

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PDOYP: The Grading Game – Rubrics

Grading Game logoRubrics should:

  • provide consistency when evaluating student work,
  • focus on attainment and refinement of skills, and
  • be designed for repeated use on several tasks.

Rubrics can be a great tool for teachers, students, and parents to track growth and develop and revise learning experiences. For our purposes, we’ll discuss rubrics with the intention of making them accessible to our students. As a foundation, this means rubrics consist of two parts: (1) the criteria and (2) the levels of proficiency.

  1. Criteria – the individual skill to be observed
  2. Level of Proficiency – the range of competency demonstrated

Rubrics are less effective without examples to associate to the criteria’s levels of proficiency (Wiliam, 2015). Students benefit after: (1) reviewing writing samples, (2) recognizing rubric criteria present in the samples, (3) associating a level of proficiency to each, and (4) elaborating on their reasoning for the association.

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Podcast On Your Plan episodes 1 & 2 with Juli Gatlin


Writing and Teaching

IMG_20150612_094505855_HDRWelcome to my PD podcast experiment! This episode focuses on Oklahoma teacher and leader, Juli Gatlin! We met at Starbucks to discuss writing instruction and, of course, explored so much more! If you’re looking for a different PD experience, listen to the episode prior to meeting with your PLC (make sure they listen to it too) and bring three significant takeaways to explore together. Juli presents a wealth of practical ideas for classroom management and methods for providing effective feedback to students.

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