Readicide (Gallagher, 2009)


Readicide (Gallagher, 2009)

Kelly Gallagher’s book, Readicide (2009), presents the idea that schools/English teachers are committing readicide: “systematically killing the love of reading, often exacerbated by the inane, mind-numbing practices found in schools” (2).

Here are some key reflections from #NSUEngEd ENGL4133 (Fall15) pre-service English teachers regarding this idea:gaylor1

  • Schools/English teachers are committing readicide, blindly, mercilessly, and, I choose to believe, unknowingly. I myself am guilty of having taught units, quizzing for comprehension, and pounding in not just large amounts of required reading but also beating a dead horse with theories, symbols, and whatever else that can be interpreted as a literary device. Then, when that failed, I went the opposite way and under taught books. With my under-teaching, I didn’t quiz, I tried to have weekly discussions but they didn’t always pan out; I became quite lax with my teaching. As Kelly Gallagher points out, I really think that I, a person who cherishes the written word and adores stories and thinks imagination and creativity are the most important skills a person can hone, killed some students’ love of reading. Overall, unsurprisingly, my students struggled, I struggled; we all experienced disappointment; we all were ready to mutiny; it was hell (Gaylor).

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