Podcast On Your Plan episode 46 with Dr. Doug Fisher

Dr Doug Fisher and Josh Flores

Dr. Doug Fisher was the keynote at our 2016 Reading Summit and was gracious enough to close the day with a live Q&A podcast! In our time together, Dr. Fisher elaborates on points made in his keynote and afternoon breakout session and responds to questions provided by Oklahoma’s ELA community and members of the audience. This episode is a must-listen for reading and writing teachers!

Dr. Fisher is also on Twitter at Twitter logo mini@DFISHERSDSU! SHOUT OUT to the University of Central Oklahoma for the generosity of hosting Oklahoma teachers and us! Give them a personal shout out via Twitter at Twitter logo mini@UCOBronchos!

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Fisher and Frey.com – Visit the official homepage of Dough Fisher and Nancy Frey and access a generous amount of open resources, research, and presentations!

Rigorous Reading: 5 Access Points for Comprehending Complex Texts – This is a great addition to your professional library and the basis for Dr. Fisher’s keynote at our 2016 Reading/Literacy Summit.

Visible Learning for Literacy, Grades K-12 – This text provides a wealth of research worth considering when evaluating learning programs in school or as a catalyst for teacher teams to reflect on current instruction and curriculum practices. It was the basis for Dr. Fisher’s afternoon breakout session at the 2016 Reading/Literacy Summit.


4 MBRigorous Reading 5 Access Points slides by Dr DougF isher 7 MBVisible Learning for Literacy slides by Dr Doug Fisher

45 Minutes of Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction

How do you pace and plan for instruction to include reading and writing?


The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts were written with the intent to support an integrated approach to teaching and learning reading and writing. Develop an intentional approach to incorporating time to read, write, and discuss topics during class in order to hit all four domains of learning.

Terrific Text Features and Rocking References – Model Curriculum Framework

DOWNLOAD the 6th Grade Framework

Additional third party resources and tools are included as active links throughout the interactive PDF document. All resources are suggestions and should be reviewed prior to use. You can create your own Curriculum Framework using the blank template available by clicking here!

326 kB6th Grade – Terrific Text Features and Rocking References 150 KB6th Grade ELA Standards

AUDIO OVERVIEW starring Kelli and Rebekah

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 Developed by twitter miniKelli Anglley and twitter miniRebekah McAnally!


In this unit students will understand what text features are and how they aid in comprehension of nonfiction text, the difference in primary and secondary sources, and how to determine credible sources.  Because students spend most of their time reading nonfiction in science and social studies, it is beneficial to complete this unit towards the beginning of the school year.  Throughout the year students can continue to talk about these concepts with the readings they use in all subjects.


How do text features contribute to your understanding of nonfiction?


  • Students will be able to identify text features.

  • Students will be able to explain why authors include text features in nonfiction.

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Standard 8: Independent Reading and Writing Short

Independent Reading and Writing

Students will read and write for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, academic and personal, for extended periods of time.


Students will read independently for a variety of purposes and for extended periods of time. Students will select appropriate texts for specific purposes.


Students will write independently for extended periods of time. Students will vary their modes of expression to suit audience and task.


Jason’s Blog – DCJason.WordPres.com

Kelly Gallagher – one of Jason’s recommended resources for strategies on fostering independent literacy practices in students.

Penny Kittle – another recommended resource for strategies on fostering independent literacy practices in students.

Donalyn Miller – one more recommended resource for strategies on encouraging independent literacy practices in students.

Standards-aligned At-A-Glance Template

The following document was developed by Ginger Howe of Moore PS. It is intended to provide guidance for aligning current materials and supporting teachers to develop new units aligned to all eight standards of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts. Please download the template and samples below.


197 kBHowe-Meiller Unit at a Glance Template 926 kBGrade 3, Unit 3, Week 2 Sample 926 kBGrade 6, Unit 3