Podcast On Your Plan ep42 with Gage Jeter

Gage JeterFINALLY! Gage Jeter + Coffee + Podcast = one of the top 5 episodes! Gage has a growing fan club, and that keeps him busy. I’m so glad we had time to have coffee and chat between PD sessions. We cover teaching middles schoolers, college students, and organizing professional development that’s meaningful. Gage also shares some of his personal care strategies (e.g., morning journaling) and discusses what needs to be disrupted in education.

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Podcast On Your Plan episode 16 with Ayn Grubb

IMG_20150629_100537970Ayn Grubb is a dedicated Tulsa Public Schools Curriculum Coordinator and well-known AP Trainer. She is also a member of the ELA State Standards Writing Team! Her expertise and vast experience is a valuable asset to #Oklaed and our Standards Writing Team. I hope you enjoy this conversation we had about education and teaching literacy. It is peppered with various strategies and formatives for the classroom.

Also, find out Ayn’s answer to the one education thing that needs to be disrupted and who should be the next guest on the podcast!

My favorite takeaway for this episode: Ayn’s four steps to teaching authentic cross-curricular literacy. Check it out! There’s even some pictures at the bottom of the page! Just scroll down. Go ahead.

Follow-up with Ayn on Twitter at Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.53.48 AM@ayngrubb!

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My Notes
My Notes

How I Teach – Joye Oakley

About How I Teach

There is a lot to learn from each other. How I Teach is a segment of ELAOKTeachers.com determined to highlight the best practices of innovative Oklahoma educators.

Watch, listen, and reflect on the best practices and insights from your fellow educators.

Respond with your own insights by posting at the bottom of the page.


Name: Joye Oakley
School: Norman High School
Subjects: 9th Grade English, Journalism, Tiger Tribune
Years of Experience: 30+

“Every teacher’s art is different.”

Reflection Questions

  1. What aspects of Joye’s teaching philosophies do you find most significant?
  2. What ideas can you adopt to improve your education practices?