Podcast On Your Plan ep 36 with Erin Barnes

IMG_20160504_103441678Erin and I have been wanting to chat over coffee and finally, we get our wish! Erin truly models what it means to be a 21st-century teacher and is currently the Director of Teacher Development for EPIC. In this episode we chat about the unique structure of EPIC, successfully teaching in virtual learning environments, SXSW, Voxer, and why she is making an epic (no pun intended) return to teaching!

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Podcast On Your Plan episode 11 #ReCharge15 edition with @VPerezy and @LadyWolf2014

IMG_20150722_140914619Vanessa and Sarah are professional PDers -attendees, participants, and presenters! I was excited to meet them at the ReCharge 2015 conference hosted by Clinton Public Schools and thrilled by their willingness to podcast with me after a day of attending and presenting. We recorded this episode at Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant and discussed the best PD takeaways from ReCharge 2015, Podstock, iPadpalooza, and more! Other topics include (1) tips on applying for grants to techify your learning space, (2) how to innovate the PD experience as an attendee and participant, and (3) the importance of supportive district leadership.

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How I Teach – Jason Stephenson

About How I Teach

There is a lot to learn from each other. How I Teach is a segment of ELAOKTeachers.com determined to highlight the best practices of innovative Oklahoma educators.

School: Deer Creek High School
Subjects or Responsibilities: Pre-AP English 2, Creative Writing 1,  2, and Student Council
Professional Organizations: Executive Board Member, Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English | Certified Teacher Consultant, Oklahoma Writing Project
One word that best describes how you teach: Student-centered
Class rules: [1] Work hard. [2] Be nice.
Twitter: @teacherman82
Blog: dcjason.wordpress.com

Short Answer
Below are excerpts and linked shortcuts. Click on the question to watch Mr. Stephenson’s response to each question or watch the full interview here.

  1. How is your classroom organized?
  2. How do you relate to your students? I try to share the learning process with them. When I assign an essay, I write the essay first. I think that really helps with establishing trust and establishing respect… 
  3. What apps/tools/resources can’t you teach without? Classroom Organizer…
  4. What’s your best time-saving trick? When grading papers, don’t mark all the grammatical techniques. Instead, use the “dot” technique…
  5. What are you currently reading?
  6. Are you more of an introvert of an extrovert? Introvert…
  7. What’s your best classroom management story or technique?
  8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? You got to be friends with your students…

Fill in the blanks

  1. I’d love to meet Penny Kittle for coffee and talk about writing. 
  2. My definition of creativity is “hard work”. Creativity is in danger right now…
  3. I’d love to see Donalyn Miller answer these same questions.

Mr Stephenson's Room