45 Minutes of Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction

How do you pace and plan for instruction to include reading and writing?


The Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts were written with the intent to support an integrated approach to teaching and learning reading and writing. Develop an intentional approach to incorporating time to read, write, and discuss topics during class in order to hit all four domains of learning.

What do you do when you’re having difficulty reading something?

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What to do when you’re having difficulty reading something?

The following resources are developed and shared with the intention to start a conversation with students about the struggle, because it is real. Hip hop may be dead (Nas, 20016), but literacy is still a necessary survival skill. Use the resources below to talk to your students today and develop strategies to overcome the struggle. Some are provided. Never stop researching new strategies.




  1. What strategies do your students use when they have difficulty reading?
  2. How do you track a student’s growth as a reader?
  3. How do you give feedback to students on their reading growth?

PDOYP Live: The Write Ingredients

On January 5th, 2015 a live videoconference was conducted to discuss strategies and answer frequently asked questions about the state writing assessment. Due to unforeseen equipment failure, the 8th grade presentation was not recorded. In an effort to provide access to the information presented, the presenters are re-recording the presentation.

However, the 5th grade presentation was recorded and is available for viewing. Accompanying handouts are also available at the bottom of the page.


65 kB5th and 8th grade Writing Rubric one pager 163 kB2015 Writing Assessment onepager 2 MBWrite Ingredients handout for Grades 6-8 113 kBExpository Monster 300 kBRecipes for Evidence 2 MBArgument Recipe




Respond to the following reflection questions in the comment boxes below:

  1. Describe a recipe for reading you already use with great success.
  2. Describe a recipe for writing you already use with great success.
  3. Describe how you will utilize a strategy or resource shared during this module.