PDOYP Let’s Talk Writing! session 1

Today’s session focuses on reading comprehension and emphasizes summarization skills. Links to presentation materials ( a Prezi and downloadable handout) are available below. Your feedback is always appreciated as we improve this project. Please post comments in the box at the bottom of the page.


  1. Writing, Step 1
  2. Prerequisite Knowledge
  3. Resources


[Session 1 Prezi available here]

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512 kBManual for Session 1


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PD On Your Plan!

Conduct engaging professional development experiences covering meaningful topics and practical instructional strategies with:

  • 30 minute sessions streamed and recorded live online
  • the ability to connect during your planning period
  • participation via conference call and web-based collaboration tools using computers, smart phones, and tablets


Session 1 will focus on writing instruction. Future sessions will be developed based on teacher feedback.

Each session will be recorded – audio and video – and eligible for online broadcast. This allows for participants to review each session and non-participants to also benefit from the learning experience.

PD On Your Plan utilizes a variety of web-based tools to deliver an interactive experience with participants.  This also provides participants with an interactive demonstration of various web-tools, resources, and sites to integrate into their instruction as they see fit.


For uninterrupted participation, please plan ahead prior to our live session by requesting your local IT administrator to ensure [1] your computer has the latest hardware and software updates installed for Internet browsing and [2] you are not blocked from the Internet sites we will be using.

Sites for session 1 will include:

  1. Google Drive, Docs
  2. Socrative
  3. Evernote
  4. Join.Me


Visit http://pdonyourplan.eventbrite.com/ to register!

Literacy & Writing Resources for Science, Social Studies/History, and Technical Subjects

To all School Faculty and Staff:

During the Oklahoma Summer Convening, our group of teachers collaborated and came up with several different ways to help with cross curricular alignment and curriculum mapping.   Our productions included:

These are not final copies.  It is in the drafting process; however, these are tools that we want to share with you with the understanding that there may be errors and changes may need to be made over the next couple of years as we move from PASS to Oklahoma Academic Standards/Common Core State Standards for ELA and Mathematics.

We would like to retain our rights as authors; however, we do want you to use these as samples and guides for a better understanding of how the common core standards can be applied and how they can easily be viewed for vertical alignment in ELA 6-12 grades.

Thank you.


-Rebecca Bolding, Michelle Hall, Michelle Knight, Heather Samis, and Jennifer Williams

43 kBWriting Progression Chart for Cross-Curricular Teams

43 kBGeneral Writing Rubric – Literacy in Science, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects

27 kBCross Curricular Lesson Planning Template

49 kBLiteracy Lesson Starters for Science, Math, and Social Studies